Small Grants Scheme - Reopened

This fund has now reopened for a short challenger round with a closing date of 9am on Monday 2nd October 2023.

This strand will try out a new and innovative approach to awarding funding by offering small grants via a Participatory Budgeting exercise. It is expected that this grant scheme will lead to immediate measurable impacts, albeit comparatively small ones, to balance out the more long-term but large-scale ambitions of Design Grant funding. Precise criteria will be determined by the LAG at a later stage but will include poverty, inclusion and marginalised groups.

As well as direct impacts, it is anticipated that this strand will raise the profile of CLLD locally, get more people involved and give communities a sense of empowerment. The LAG will use this as an exercise to update their awareness of what organisations/individuals are active in our island communities, where people’s priorities lie and build on innovative ideas that might feed into future CLVs.

A total of £25,000 has been allocated to this strand and applicants may request sums of £500 - £2,500.

Apply to the Small Grants Scheme