Port Marine Safety Code

Marine Safety Commitment

The Comhairle is committed fully to marine safety and supports the requirements laid down in the Port Marine Safety Code. All members of the Council’s Harbours Board accept their individual and collective responsibilities under the code and are committed to the implementation and maintenance of a cost effective marine safety management system.

The purpose of the Marine Safety Management System (See attached documents below) is to manage all marine and related activities safely in the waters within the Council’s jurisdiction. This is done by:--

  • adopting a proactive approach to marine safety and ensuring that it is given equal consideration with all other aspects of the business
  • providing adequate resources to manage marine safety at all times
  • basing the management system on formal safety risk assessments
  • ensuring that all personnel are fully aware of their safety responsibilities and that they discharge these responsibilities competently
  • providing all personnel with suitable training to meet the needs of their assigned jobs
  • involving personnel in all marine safety matters
  • ensuring that all personnel maintain the required levels of competence to discharge their duties safely at all times
  • identifying the needs and responsibilities of users and interested parties through consultation/negotiation and ensuring that these responsibilities are upheld

The Marine Safety Policy MS 01 and associated procedures are maintained in the Harbour Office Balivanich, Benbecula HS7 5LA and with the Director of Technical Services, Sandwick Road, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis HS1 2BW