Bus Services : Stornoway

Valid to 28 March 2019
(Unless otherwise stated)

No Western Isles Bus Services operate on 25th and 26th December or 1st and 2nd January.



W6 Newmarket Area
Service Description Days
W6 Stornoway to Newmarket (57.2kB) Mon - Sat
W6 Newmarket to Stornoway (66.6kB) Mon - Sat
  Fare Chart (19.1kB)  


W7 Stornoway Local Area
Service Description Days
W7 Stornoway Stewart Drive & Cearns Shop Circular (93.5kB) Mon - Sat
W7 Stornoway Town, Goathill and Plasterfield (66.7kB) Mon - Fri
W7 Stornoway Town, Goathill and Plasterfield (59.1kB) Sat
W7 Summary of Stornoway to/from Plasterfield (68.0kB) Mon - Sat
W7b Stornoway to/from Newton (71.4kB) Mon - Sat
  Fare Chart (19.1kB)  


W7a Newvalley & Marybank
Service Description Days
W7a Stornoway to/from Newvalley Marybank  (78.5kB) Mon - Sat
  Fare Chart (19.1kB)  

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