Covid 19 Briefing 20 April 2022

Welcome Back

We welcome learners and staff back to school this week for the summer term. The start of this term brings important changes to requirements for the use of face coverings and for LFD testing. Please make sure you’re familiar with the detail of these changes provided below.

Face Coverings - Latest Advice

From the start of the new term on 19th April, it is no longer be a legal requirement for face coverings to be worn by pupils or staff in schools or on school transport.

Face Coverings in Schools

Although no longer a requirement, it is strongly advised that staff and secondary-age pupils do continue to wear a face covering in communal or crowded open areas of the school such as corridors, social areas or dining halls.

Any pupils or staff wishing to continue to wear a mask in school will be supported and encouraged to do so.

Parents are no longer required to wear face coverings when on school grounds.

Face Coverings on School Transport

Advice for face coverings on school transport has been brought into line with that issued for general public transport.  Face coverings are no longer a requirement for pupils travelling on school transport but it is still strongly advised that pupil over the age of 12 do still wear them.

Change In Advice For LFD Testing

From the beginning of this term, advice changed in relation to the routine use of LFD testing for staff and secondary school pupils.

From 19th April, staff and pupils will no longer be advised to take twice-weekly routine LFD tests and kits will no longer be available from school offices.

Anyone wishing to continue testing may be able to access test kits via local pharmacies or by requesting home delivery via the Government LFD Test ordering service (Opens in a new window or downloads a file).

Notification Letters

After 18th April, schools no longer issue Low Risk Notification (Warn & Inform) letters to parents, carers and staff if a positive case is identified in a school. Schools will, however, continue to maintain good communication with families on matters related to COVID-19 and the circumstances of cases connected to the school.

Parental Access To School Buildings

Previous restrictions that limited the access of parents to school buildings have now been lifted. As long as the school’s own risk assessment permits it and visiting parents agree to fully comply with measures in the risk assessment, they will be able to access schools for meetings and activities by prior agreement with the school. 

*Please note that individual schools may increase restrictions on visitors to buildings if case numbers rise in the local area or if an outbreak is associated with the school.