School Enrolment

Enrolments for 2022 are open and can be made online using  P1/S1 ONLINE ENROLMENT FORM 

Admission To Primary Schools: August 2022

The following sections provide information about enrolment to, primary and secondary schools.

Parents are able to enrol their children into schools at any time but the main enrolment window for entry into P1 and S1 runs during January and February each year.

Gaelic First Policy

In all Early Learning, nursery and school enrolment, the Comhairle operates a Gaelic First Policy. This means that the default language stream for enrolment will be Gaelic Medium unless the choice is made during the enrolment process to opt for English Medium.

P1 and Primary Enrolment

For the 2022-23 session, enrolment for P1 opens on Monday 24th January 2022. Children who will reach the age of four by 28th February 2022 are eligible to enrol for school, starting in August 2022.

Where a parent or carer wishes to enrol a child in a school other than their local catchment school, a placing request form must also be completed as well as the enrolment form. Until a placing request is approved by the Director of Education, Skills and Children’s Services, an enrolment will remain provisional.

S1 and Secondary Enrolment

For the 2022-23 session, enrolment for S1 opens on Monday 24th January 2022. 

Further Information

In all cases, we advise that parents contact the school that they intend to enrol into if they have any queries or questions.