Continuous Improvement

The Local Government in Scotland Act 2003 placed a statutory duty of Best Value upon local authorities. Best Value provides a common framework for continuous improvement in public services in Scotland and is complemented by other aspects of Public Service Reform activity, such as Efficient Government and Community Planning. Best value is the generic term covering the government's statutory guidelines for modernising the way local services are managed and delivered. Best Value arrangements exist to secure continuous improvement in the performance of functions by public service organisations.

Continuous improvement seeks to balance quality and cost considerations, and is achieved with regard to economy, efficiency, effectiveness, the equal opportunities arrangements, and sustainable development. Best Value requires authorities to consider how they can improve their services by taking on board the feedback they get from both customers and employees. It also requires consideration to be given to innovative methods of service delivery.

The Comhairle’s Continuous Improvement Agenda reflects best practice and audit requirements. The Comhairle use the Public Services Improvement Framework (PSIF) self-assessment improvement tool to identify areas for improvement, to inform the proposals and to facilitate effective benchmarking with other authorities.  

The Comhairle’s Strategy, Performance and Research