Monday, 20 August 2018
Request Date
Thursday, July 27, 2017
Response Date
Monday, July 31, 2017


Within your council area:

· What is the longest time period recorded for adults and children in temporary accommodation (going back to 2011)?

· What is the longest time taken from someone presenting as homeless and being provided with temporary accommodation (since 2011) (including those with a section 38 order agreed)?

· How many people approached the council seeking help through housing options or homeless legislation but who came from different local authority areas (since 2011)? 

· How many people do you record as being intentionally homeless and who have made approaches through housing options approaches or through homeless legislation?

· How many people have made an approach for housing options or through homeless legislation claiming to be homeless or on in danger of becoming homeless who have not ultimately been recorded as HL1 or whose application has been rejected?

· Please provide us with the database for housing options including reasons given for recording people under housing options rather than under HL1?

· How many cases have you “discharged” since the new legislation was introduced in 2011/12 who did not have temporary or permanent accommodation (ie people who had for example rejected the temporary accommodation offered)?

· What were the reasons given/recorded of those making approaches to housing options (since 2011/12)?

· What proportion of those making applications through housing options gave reasons that would have qualified under homeless legislation (since 2011/12)?

· How many prisoners presented for housing options or through homeless legislation were recorded as remaining in prison as their previous accommodation? And how many had prison recorded as their rehousing outcome?


Please see information requested attached.