Supported Study Provision

Thursday, 12 July 2018
Request Date
Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Response Date
Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Could you advise whether Comhairle nan Eilean Siar records any information relating to supported study in secondary schools?


Sgoil Lionacleit
We do not hold information for year on year supported neither study nor the amount of pupils attending.  On a single year basis the supported study is as and when required - again we do not track the update, therefore we do not have the data requested. 

The Nicolson Institute
We do not hold this information.  Many subjects offer informal supported study throughout the year; others are targeted at prelim and exam time. Some offered Easter holiday time.
The pupils involved (hundreds) are able to dip in and out and registers are no longer kept.

The hours of Supported Study offered to secondary school pupils:  50
The subjects offered and hours offered per pupil per subject:  Maths, English, Geography, Chemistry, Physics and Biology
Level of uptake:  S4-S6 pupils

Sir E Scott
Sir E Scott has recorded the following information:
Supported Study was offered on a Wednesday after school from 4-6 pm in the spring term before exams -2007 – 2010 approximately.  A range of secondary subjects was offered to all examination pupils but we do not hold records of attendance.  Each session usually had about 6-8 pupils.  Informal study support offered annually since 2010 by the English Department if pupils require additional support in the lead up to SQA examinations.

Session 2016-17
History/Technical/General study support offered to S4-6 pupils (end of January to March 2017).  Supported Study Gaelic (Learners) residential, 28th - 29th April 2017 (8 hours) – 8 pupils participated.

Session 2017-18
Geography – 2 hours undertaken so far this session with 1 pupil.
E-sgoil offers this session with predicted uptake as follows:
Computing Science (H) – 1 pupil
N5 Physics – 2 pupils
H Physics -  4 pupils
N5 Maths –  2 pupils
Higher Maths – 3pupils

Support sessions done through Vscene last year for Physics at Nat 5 and Higher.  We do not hold information on numbers.
This year we are offering:  N5 and H Computing Science, N5 & H Maths, N5 and H Physics.