Transport School and Social Care

Monday, 27 August 2018
Request Date
Wednesday, June 6, 2018
Response Date
Tuesday, July 3, 2018


Please can you provide the following information around your passenger/client transport service that manage the school and social care transport services for the council.  

  1. The number of contracted transport suppliers used for all contracted school and social care transport services.
  2. The total budget in the last financial year the council had on all transport services with these suppliers.
  3. How many bus and taxi contracted routes do you have in service, both school and social care.
  4. Did you come in under or over the total transport budget last year? What was the over / under spend?
  5. The name, address and contact details for all the contracted transport suppliers, preferably in an excel document if possible.
  6. What the proportion of the whole service is delivered by the in-house fleet.
  7. The contact details for the head of transport services in the council.
  8. How many staff are in the passenger/client transport team (not fleet).
  9. What management database system is used in the transport team
  10. When does the management database licensing agreement expire?
  11. What other software products are used by your transport team?
  12. Are you currently involved in any transformation projects within the passenger/client transport team? If so, can you describe it in one line.


I need to advise you that your request is likely to take a considerable amount of time to process and a charge of £1.80 will apply. This has been calculated in accordance with the Act as follows;  4 hours at Senior Administration level (£12.00 per hour) and 5 hours at Officer level (£14.00 per hour) =£118.00, the Act requires us to deduct the first £100.00 and then to charge 10% of the remainder. 

However, in accordance with section 15 of the Act, the Comhairle would be happy to consider any possible amendment of your request so as to narrow its scope (and therefore the cost of complying with it).