Alarm Receiving Centre

Friday, 31 August 2018
Request Date
Monday, July 16, 2018
Response Date
Thursday, July 19, 2018


I would like to know if the council has an alarm receiving centre or any resource for monitoring CCTV, Telecare or intruder alarms? If so, please could I have the contact details of the centre manager?


Answer(s) have been split into separate responses for the points raised:

 If the council has:

1.  an alarm receiving centre; Yes – FAIRE  is our Local Authority’s Community Alarm Centre.

2.  or any resource for monitoring CCTV; CCTV  installations are recorded on individual sites where cameras are installed. They are not monitored as such, other than site specific property management may monitor images at specific times. More often than not it would be only after an incident that reviewing would occur, when Police Scotland maybe involved.
The only variation to the above is where our town centre CCTV system, although a council responsibility now, is recorded and monitored by Police Scotland within the Stornoway Police station. Our authority’s contact would be Frank Creighton (tel contact through authority’s main switch board 01851 600501)

3.  Telecare; All telecare in the wider community is monitored by and through FAIRE. Excluded from this is where we have telecare provided in our Residential Care Homes, where devices will be monitored on site by the site specific installations, by staff on that site.  

4.  or intruder alarms; We have some intruder systems monitored by external third party Monitoring Control Centres, although we also utilise our own FAIRE Community Alarm Centre for some of our systems as well.

If so,
5.  please could I have the contact details of the centre manager? Mrs Rhoda MacKenzie is the Faire Team Supervisor (FAIRE tel no 01851 701702), although Mr Malcolm MacPherson is the Customer Service Manager (main switch board tel no 01851 600501).