Our Role

Investment Delivery has responsibility for the development and delivery of major infrastructure projects on behalf of the Comhairle, including the current and future Capital Programmes and Strategic Housing Investment Plans, a potential Islands Deal and any other collaborative investment opportunities involving Community Planning Partnership and other key external partners, specifically those with a value of £1m or above.

Specifically, these responsibilities include:

  • Provide high quality technical and professional advice to Comhairle Member and Officers
  • Manage service budgets within agreed limits, including assigned capital projects
  • To take the lead on the development and implementation of corporate policies and strategies relating to engineering and construction safety, project management, risk management and procurement associated with infrastructure investment
  • To advise the Comhairle in its role as Client in the context of Construction and Design Management (CDM) 2015 legislation
  • To be accountable to the Comhairle and the respective service committees, including any joint governance arrangements such as the Investment Delivery Board, in the development and delivery of major investment projects in terms of safety, scope, quality, cost and programme
  • To act as Employer, Client or Contract Administrator on behalf of the Comhairle in the context of all major engineering and construction contracts
  • To work constructively with Comhairle services for the delivery of all major infrastructure investment projects and to be responsible for:
    • collaborating with the relevant Service Director and contributing to the clarification of investment need and the defining of the project scope and its overall aims and objectives in consultation with key stakeholders
    • collaborating with the relevant Service Director in the identification of the project budget and funding package
    • the management of the change-control mechanism associated with project scope, programme and budget once approved by the associated governance arrangements
    • the establishment and operational management of project-specific Project Delivery Teams comprising the necessary multi-disciplinary technical, financial, legal and operational advisors utilising both internal resources and/or, where required, externally procured consultants and
    • the procurement and supervision of engineering and construction contractors and supply chain partners, including the administration of all associated contractual arrangements, consistent with the approved project-specific delivery and procurement strategy