Areas of Legislation and Regulation Covered

Trading Standards enforce a wide range of legislation covering a range of topics including:

  • Weights and Measures - Trading Standards ensure that weighing and measuring equipment "in use for trade" is tested and verified before use commercially. We give advice on selling goods by quantity, packing goods for retail sale, calibration of scales or weights, average quantity and e markings.
  • We operate a No Cold Calling Zone in the Western Isles (Doorstoppers Campaign) which helps to protect Consumers against Rogue Doorstep Traders. This is a local as well as a national priority for Trading Standards Scotland.
  • Trading Standards also enforce specific legislation introduced in 2008 which established a general ban on unfair trading, this means that traders must act in a way that enables the average consumer to make informed purchasing decisions. The legislation also aims to prevent aggressive sales techniques, and bans specific unfair trading practices that might mislead or misinform consumers.
  • Consumer Advice - For help with Consumer complaints regarding problems with goods or services,  in the first instance please contact the Consumer Advice Helpline on 0808 164 6000
  • Business Advice - Trading Standards can advise businesses based in the Western Isles on a range of subjects.  [Please call 01851 822694 or email ]
  • Pricing - most goods on display for sale must be priced, and there are specific guidelines for the way Sales prices are advertised.
  • Under Age Sales - Trading Standards are responsible for making sure that goods such as cigarettes, DVDs and fireworks are not sold to persons under the legal age for that product.
  • Tobacco –  If you sell tobacco you are required to be registered on the national Scottish Tobacco Register. The illicit sale of tobacco can carry a fine of up to £20,000 and up to 6 months imprisonment. To apply please go to the Scottish Tobacco Retailers Register (Opens in a new window or downloads a file)

    New legislation governing the display and pricing of tobacco products came into force on the 6th of April 2015.
    In most cases, it is now illegal to display tobacco products and smoking related products. It is a requirement that these products must be stored out of public sight.

    It is also illegal to display the price of tobacco products except in the format set out in the new legislation.

    This legislation relates to all businesses selling tobacco products to the public, and this includes ‘on trade’ licensed premises such as pubs and clubs, including private members clubs. If you require any advice on how to comply with the new legislation please contact Trading Standards on 01851 822694 or at Tobacco Display Ban Guidancg (Opens in a new window or downloads a file)
  • Counterfeiting and Trademark Issues - We enforce legislation relating from intellectual property to counterfeit goods such as cigarettes, hair straighteners, DVDs and CDs, designer clothing, perfume and jewellery.
  • Safety - All goods on sale to the public must be safe, and specific regulations apply to many goods for example toys, cosmetics and fireworks. You should contact Trading Standards before you put any new product on the market. (Advice to Craft Producers)
  • Product Safety - Charities and Voluntary Organisations
    Charities and Voluntary organisations, who sell goods on a regular basis, are NOT exempt from Product Safety legislation and the general safety requirement. Organisations must ensure that the products they sell are safe, and must hold records to show how they ensure that goods are safe, for example the pact testing (portable appliance testing) of electrical goods. (Guidance for Market Operators)

  • Animal feeding stuff and fertilisers - We enforce controls relating to fertilisers, and  feeding stuffs. Legislation requires that almost all farms and crofts must be registered. You can apply for your registration at Animal Health and Welfare
  • Licencing  - Trading Standards issue a wide range of licence applications for example Petroleum, Explosives ,  Second Hand Motor Dealers, Market Operators and Street Traders. Please look at Licences Issued by the Comhairle for further information. 

    Petroleum & Explosives – Registration and licencing for the storage of petroleum and explosives are issued through Trading Standards.

    For information on licence fees and to download  forms please go to Licences Issued by the Comhairle

Further Information and Advice

For Consumer Advice please call 0808 164 6000 or go to Citizens Advice Scotland (Opens in a new window or downloads a file)

For Trading Standards please call 01851 822694 or email