Assistance Available

A broad range of advice, support, and financial assistance, including: business-planning; access to funding; marketing; and the practicalities of starting & developing your business.

Funding Schemes

Outer Hebrides Young Entrepreneurs Start-up Scheme (OHYESS)

Grant funding of up to £2,500 for young entrepreneurs aged 18—40, based in the Outer Hebrides and with businesses in key sectors that have been trading for no longer than two years.  The funding will be used towards capital costs only.


Through OHYESS, priority will be given to those aged 18-40 but the same level of grant funding is potentially available to all new businesses that meet the eligibility criteria.

Micro Business Loan

This ‘Interest-Free’ loan of up to £2,000 aims to encourage the creation and growth of small businesses which can contribute to new jobs in the local economy.

Business Loan

Normally up to £50,000, repayable up to 7 years at an interest rate between 4 and 6% (depending upon amount/security), is to encourage business start-up and enable business and community developments by assisting with long-term sustainability in the Outer Hebrides.

Outer Hebrides Fisheries Investment Scheme

The Fisheries Investment Scheme (FIS) is a Comhairle-funded scheme supported by Western Isles Fishermen’s Association. 

The Scheme aims to create and retain employment opportunities in the Outer Hebrides by encouraging business development in the fisheries sector.   It is expected that the vessel purchase will be financed primarily from a commercial loan from the applicant’s own bank and own funds, augmented by the FIS loan.

Each case will be judged on its merits and the main factors taken into account in assessing applications will include economic viability, assessed risk and need, employment implications, creation of additional demand for products and services and impact on local competition.

A condition of any loan funding from Comhairle nan Eilean Siar is that any product landed must be offered initially to processors based in the Outer Hebrides at the prevailing market price.

Community Schemes

A range of community grant schemes available through the Community Support Network.

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