Smart Signs

SMART SIGNS are Metallic Lifeguards!

In response to a number of coastal/hill accidents in recent years, the Outer Hebrides Community Safety Partnership has created SMART SIGNS - a revolutionary concept in safety signage design and rescue enhancement.

The SMART SIGNS Initiative is a planned intervention programme which aims to alert Island visitors to the inherent dangers of the beautiful but exposed Hebridean terrain; to enable people to seek assistance if required, and to help the emergency services find them.

SMART SIGNS are strategically placed at confirmed hotspots (based on the numbers of recorded incidents which have necessitated a call-out response from H M Coastguard and other search and rescue services)

• Each SMART SIGN carries its own unique location-identifying number.

• SMART SIGNS utilise smart phone technology – All signs feature a ‘Quick Reader’ (QR) code, which links the user directly to the British Red Cross emergency advice App.

• All SMART SIGNS feature GPS tracking map reference numbers.

The Outer Hebrides Community Safety Partnership consider SMART SIGNS to be an example of good practice which will save lives.

We are happy to share our concept.

BBC Alba News: (Opens in a new window or downloads a file)

Signage Design (232.1kB) (Opens in a new window or downloads a file)

For further information on the Outer Hebrides Community Safety Partnership’s SMART SIGNS initiative please contact Frank Creighton