Violence Against Women Partnership

"Sharing, Networking - Promoting Good Practice"

The Outer Hebrides Violence against Women (VAW) Partnership seeks to reduce and prevent incidents of gender-based violence through effective co-operation between the private, public and voluntary sectors in the provision of high quality appropriate services and the protection of adults and children, affected by or at risk of suffering relationship violence and abuse.

Who Are We?

The Outer Hebrides Violence against Women (VAW) Partnership comprises representation from:

  • Police Scotland
  • NHS Western Isles
    • Child Protection
    • Equality and Diversity
    • Adult Support and Protection
    • Sexual Health
  • Western Isles Council (CnES)
    • Justice Social Work Services
    • Education and Children’s Services
    • Recovery Worker (Addiction)
    • Homeless Services
  • Scottish Children's Reporter Administration
  • Action for Children
  • Western Isles Women’s Aid
  • Outer Hebrides Child Protection Committee
  • Western Isles Rape Crisis Centre
  • Outer Hebrides Alcohol and Drug Partnership (ADP) Hebridean Housing Partnership
  • Scottish Fire & Rescue Service

What is the Issue?

Violence against Women includes all kinds of behaviour that is meant to hurt or frighten you.

Although  it can  involve physical harm,  including  sexual violence,  not all abuse  leaves  visible marks: it can  also include mental cruelty - offensive words used to belittle you,  stalking,  veiled  and  actual  threats;  all  types  of dominating coercive control: such as withholding money, blackmail  through  e.g.  the  threat  of  revenge  porn,  or restricting your access to friends and family.

Although statistically women are the most likely victims, it should be noted that relationship violence can happen to  anyone  -  irrespective  of  their  age,  gender,  sexual orientation, health condition or economic background.

Never Forget

  • Abuse of any type damages a person’s physical and mental health, their self- esteem, confidence and self-worth
  • Abuse should always be taken seriously regardless of type or frequency of the abuse
  • Remember, it is not your fault!
  • Everyone has the right to live without the threat of violence and abuse.

What Do We Do?

The  Violence   against   Women Partnership   is responsible   for   the   implementation   of   the Scottish Government’s Equally Safe Strategy, at local  level,  adopting  a  partnership  approach  to prevention, provision, protection whilst supporting effective participation

You Are Not Alone - Help Is At Hand

Contact details for local and national support agencies are listed below.

Local Advice and Support
 Agency  Tel.
Western Isles Women’s Aid 01878 704 750
Western Isles Rape Crisis Centre 01851 709 965
Western Isles Council Homeless Services 01851 822821
Police Scotland
Emergency no.


 Action for Children  01851 705 080
Western Isles Council Children and Families Social Work  01851 822 479
National Support Helplines
 Agency  Tel.
Rape Crisis Scotland 0808 801 0302
Breathing Space (Low mood anxious or depressed) 0800 83 85 87
National LGBT+ Domestic Abuse Helpline 0800 999 5428
The National Stalking Helpline 0808 802 0300
Scottish Domestic Abuse Helpline 0800 027 1234
Future Pathways (For people abused in care in Scotland 0800 164 2005

Men’s Advice Line (domestic abuse)

0800 999 5428

Shelter Scotland 0808 800 4444