Museum nan Eilean Lews Castle

We Asked

We asked visitors to Museum nan Eilean Lews Castle to leave feedback on their experience of visiting the new museum and to let us know if there are any improvements they would like to see. The feedback was gathered as free text which was then grouped into themes for analysis.  The free text comments analysis is at appendix 1

You Said

The major activities desired at the museum were additional dressing up clothes and a programme of activities for children/families.  Regarding objects, visitors wanted to see more history or crofting objects; objects relating to faith and religion; the fishing industry; the Iolaire disaster, clearances, 16th/17th century history, and blackhouses.

Other general comments calling for action by the service were a small number of comments or issues in the café (run independently as part of the accommodation offer at Lews Castle), requests for more information about the history of Lews Castle, and that the Morgan motor car on display was too difficult to see.

We Did

Of the Key Themes: We Did

As per appendix 2, a programme of activities for children and families (as well as adults) is published every quarter.

Future exhibitions will include looking at fossils discovered in Scotland in partnership with National Museums Scotland (appendix 3) and an exhibition looking at the Iolaire disaster has been scheduled for 2018/19.

All suggestions for displays on particular themes are discussed in the museum’s Exhibition Committee.  Interpretation is being developed for the interior of Lews Castle and, with our interpretation designers; we are examining the possibilities for moving the Morgan motor car.

Comments on food and beverage service at Lews Castle are passed to the management.

Of the Key Themes: We Did Not Do

We did not request a loan of additional Lewis Chessmen from the British Museum.


The size of the case containing the objects and terms of the loan agreement make this request difficult on grounds of cost and conservation.


Equalities Monitoring

Please complete our Equalities Monitoring Form:

Equalities Monitoring Form

This is used by Comhairle nan Eilean Siar to provide essential statistical information about who participates in our consultations.

The data is managed confidentially, is not personally attributable, and is processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act.


The consultation is designed to receive free-text feedback from visitors to the new museum at Lews Castle. Visitors are invited to “Please use this wall to tell us what you think of the museum, the objects and our stories. Write your comments or ideas on a label and tie it to the net”.

Why We Are Consulting

This consultation helps the museum receive timely and honest feedback from visitors and is used in order to improve service delivery.

What Happens Next

The results of the consultation will be reviewed by staff and used to plan for future service activity.