Outer Hebrides Creative and Cultural Industries Strategy (OHC&CIS)

We Asked

The consultation was specifically targeted at individuals and organisations operating in the Creative and Cultural sector.  Feedback was sought on all aspects of the Strategy, particularly:

  • The key actions and priorities for the sector which the Strategy should seek to enable over the next three years;
  • Perspectives on the current and anticipated training and skills needs of the sector; and
  • Any relevant strategy and policy documents which should be added to the Strategy source material.

You Said

Although the online consultation date was set as 28 October 2016, feedback continues to be gathered as the Strategy is shaped.  23 different consultee groups have responded to the Strategy consultation process.

Key themes:

  • Need to ensure Strategy focus is Outer Hebrides wide;
  • Need to ensure actions arising are SMART;
  • Recognition of a considerable volume of activity ongoing, fast moving and difficult to keep abreast of everything that is underway;
  • A desire to achieve better strategic alignment with a view to maximising cross-sector opportunities – through tightening the existing links between language, culture, heritage, creativity and tourism;
  • Continue to develop a brand identity for the region, celebrating the unique specialness of our place – targeting people to live, work and visit, especially by way of digital content and attempting to use the opportunities of culture and arts to address the challenges of depopulation; and
  • Acknowledgement that the lack of small grants and seed-corn investment is restrictive to the development of new projects and innovations.

We Did

Of the Key Themes: We Did

Due to a number of different emerging circumstances and perspectives on how to present the final Strategy the consultation and discussion phase is ongoing.  One progressive action achieved to date has been the establishment of a cross-sector forum to discuss issues of commonality between different key organisations.  This Forum aims to meet twice each year both in Uist & Barra and Lewis & Harris, see appendices 3 and 4.

Of the Key Themes: We Did Not Do

Nothing presented during the consultation process has been discounted for inclusion in the finalised Strategy document. 


Production of the finalised Strategy document has been due to a variety of factors including:

  • Changes internal to the Comhairle regarding delivery of culture, heritage and arts services; and
  • Emerging aspirations from partner agencies on the best format for presentation of the Strategy.

Equalities Monitoring

Please complete our Equalities Monitoring Form:

Equalities Monitoring Form

This is used by Comhairle nan Eilean Siar to provide essential statistical information about who participates in our consultations.

The data is managed confidentially, is not personally attributable, and is processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act.


As per Appendix 1, The Outer Hebrides Creative & Cultural Industries Strategy 2012-15 was drawn up by Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, Highlands & Islands Enterprise and Skills Development Scotland, in consultation with stakeholders. The Strategy was written with the aim of bringing together, for the first time from an economic perspective, an overview of the creative, arts, media and heritage sectors in the islands.

Why We Are Consulting

As the defined Strategy period of 2012-15 has expired it is now appropriate to revisit, review and refresh its content for the coming three year period, 2017 to 2020.

What Happens Next

The formal Strategy consultation period runs for two weeks with the deadline for submissions being Friday 28th October, however feedback and comment is welcome at any-time, it is hoped to publish the final updated Strategy in January 2017. All returns should be made to sarah.maclean@cne-siar.gov.uk