Procurement Strategy Consultation

We Asked

A range of questions relating to the draft procurement strategy.

You Said

More emphasis should be placed in the strategy to the contribution procurement can make to carbon reduction.

We Did

Of the Key Themes: We Did

Wording changed in the Strategy.  A full Report was submitted to the Policy and Resources Committee 14 December 2016 and can be viewed at appendix 3

Of the Key Themes: We Did Not Do


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Procurement is a key enabler for the delivery of the public services which the Comhairle provides. For many years the Comhairle has had a Procurement Strategy in place which drives how this function is carried out not only within the corporate procurement team but also throughout the organisation. The Strategy has evolved from one focussed on how we do things to one which seeks to demonstrated the contribution to procurement can make to the delivery of the Comhairle’s objectives.

Why We Are Consulting

This consultation is taking place in the context of new procurement legislation in Scotland which makes it an obligation for public bodies to put a procurement strategy in place and then report on how it has been delivered. Part of this obligation is the requirement to consult on the contents of the procurement strategy before it is approved.

What Happens Next

We are keen to hear your views on the Consultative Draft Procurement Strategy at appendix 1 and targets. We welcome your feedback on what we are proposing and would be grateful if you could complete the survey either using the questionnaire at appendix 2 or through the on line survey, at:  by close of business Friday 11 November 2016. The final strategy will be considered by the Comhairle’s Policy and Resources Committee on Wednesday 14 December 2016.