Outer Hebrides Local Development Plan

We Asked

The Comhairle is required to consult at key stages in the preparation of the new Local Development Plan. Formal consultations have been undertaken to date at the following stages:

  • The Main Issues Report: This stage represents a critical opportunity to involve stakeholders and the wider public before the Comhairle has reached a firm view. The consultation sets out: a Plan vision and objectives; the emerging main issues and suggested Plan approach with a preferred option and possible alternative options, and; a list of initial proposal sites. The consultation asks respondents if they agree with the preferred options; whether they favour a stated alternative option; and if they consider any other issues should be a ‘main issue’. [LDP2 Main Issues Report (and associated documents)] 
  • The Proposed Plan: This stage represents the planning authority’s settled view on the content of the new Plan, detailing the proposed policies for the development and use of land and preferred sites. The consultation asks for any comments on the Proposed Plan and its associated documents. [LDP2 Proposed Plan (and associated documents)]

You Said

  • Main Issues Report: Following publication of the Main Issues Report, 26 representations were received comprising 163 individual comments and these were used to inform preparation of the Proposed The comments mainly related to the issues and proposal sites identified in the Main Issues Report but a number of comments were also received on a wider range of topics.
  • Proposed Plan: Following publication of the Proposed Plan, 42 individuals, agencies and companies made representations, comprising 159 individual comments which fell into three categories: supporting statements; minor suggested amendments to the Plan (non-notifiable modifications); and comments seeking more substantive modification to the Plan.

The Comhairle is obliged to publish all representations received at the Proposed Plan stage and representees are advised of this before submitting their comments.  LDP2 Proposed Plan Consultation Responses

We Did

Of the Key Themes: We Did

At Main Issues Report stage all submitted comments were acknowledged, reviewed and assessed by a Planning Officer and relevant comments were used to inform the development of the Proposed Plan.

At Proposed Plan stage all submitted representations were acknowledged reviewed and assessed then:

  • Statements supporting the Plan were noted and welcomed;
  • Proposed amendments deemed to be appropriate and ‘minor’ in nature were accepted.
  • Comments seeking more substantive modification to the Proposed Plan were considered to be ‘unresolved issues’ and, as such, were subject to Examination by a Reporter, as appointed by Scottish Ministers. There were 40 representees who had unresolved issues (see section below).

Although the Comhairle defends its position on unresolved issues at Examination, it is recognised that in some instances the Plan might be improved if an amendment suggested were to be accepted.  While it is for the Reporter to recommend modifications to the Plan, the Comhairle has indicated in the submission to Ministers where they would be prepared to accept a number of modifications to the Plan. LDP Examination documents

Of the Key Themes: We Did Not Do

The Comhairle has prepared responses to the unresolved issues resulting from the Proposed Plan consultation and has grouped these under 13 topic headings. These unresolved issues are set out in forms called ‘Schedules 4s’ as prescribed by Planning legislation, and have been submitted for Examination to Scottish Ministers.  The Examination Process is undertaken on issues or topics, not individual representations.


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Equalities Monitoring

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This is used by Comhairle nan Eilean Siar to provide essential statistical information about who participates in our consultations.

The data is managed confidentially, is not personally attributable, and is processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act.


The Proposed Outer Hebrides Local Development Plan 2 (LDP2) sets out the Comhairle’s land‐use planning policies to facilitate sustainable economic growth in our Islands.  The promotion of sustainable economic growth lies at the heart of our efforts to support strong, thriving communities, and the Plan has a role to play in the delivery of this. Current financial constraints in service provision combined with an uncertain economic climate mean that we face a number of challenges in stimulating economic growth, but an up to date land use policy framework provides a sound basis for future investment and decision‐making and helps maximise the opportunities available to us.

Why We Are Consulting

The Outer Hebrides Proposed Local Development Plan (LDP) has now been published and the wider community is invited to comment on it. The Proposed Plan and associated documents forms the Comhairle’s approach to the development of land in the Outer Hebrides over the next twenty years. The Comhairle is inviting communities, organisations, businesses and individuals to have their say.

The LDP’s main purpose is to set out the Policies the Comhairle will use for assessing planning applications.  In its Proposals the Plan also confirms the principle of development on a number of sites proposed for housing, economic development, mixed use, environment and infrastructure use. All occupiers and neighbours within 20 metres of land affected by proposals in the Plan have been notified as part of the consultation process.

What Happens Next

Following the consultation period, the Proposed Plan will be sent to Scottish Ministers along with any unresolved issues, and passed for independent examination by a Scottish Government appointed person. The appointed person will look at any outstanding objections and make recommendations based on their findings. It is important that people use the current consultation process to give us their views so that any outstanding issues can be presented to a Scottish Government Reporter for resolution.

The Public Consultation will run until 10 March 2017 and is open to everyone. You can view the documents and see how to get involved.

The Plan documents are also available at the following locations: Main Comhairle offices in Stornoway, Tarbert, Balivanich, and Castlebay; local libraries at Stornoway, Sir E Scott School, Sgoil Lionacleit, Sgoil Dhalabroig, and Castlebay School; and Community locations at Spors Nis, Uig Community Shop, Taigh Chearsabhagh, and Claddach Kirkibost Centre.