Temporary Exclusions of Land From Access Rights

It may sometimes be necessary to restrict access to a particular area of land for a short period of time, for instance where there is an admission charge for an outdoor event, or in the interests of safety and security.

On such occasions the organiser must apply for a Temporary Exclusion Order which will override the public's normal rights of free access to the site.

An Exemption Order application form can be downloaded below. This should be completed and submitted together with a map of the area affected to the Comhairle Countryside Access Officer at least 3 weeks before the proposed event.

A notice publicising the temporary closure may be placed in the local press at the applicant's expense. The closure notice will allow sufficient time for any objections to be considered.

Please note that under the terms of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003, closures of 6 or more days duration must be approved by Scottish Government Ministers. Temporary closures for less than 6 days can be approved by the Local Authority.

If you are planning an event that may temporarily restrict public access please contact the Comhairle Countryside Access Officer at the earliest opportunity to discuss whether a temporary exclusion order will be needed.