ISL Pool Information

Open Swimming

These sessions are open to anyone (under 8s to be accompanied by an adult), with the whole pool area available for swimmers to enjoy. Where the timetable states ‘16m Open Swim’ this refers to the boom being up and the available area for swimming being the first 16m of the pool, from the shallow end onwards. This happens when lessons or classes are taking place in the boom area.
These sessions do not need to be booked and operate on a ‘turn-up and swim’ basis. The number of swimmers in the pool at any one time does have a maximum limit which cannot be exceeded so there may be occasions when you are asked to wait until a few swimmers leave, at very busy times.

Lane Swimming

These sessions are open to anyone over the age of 12 and must be a confident swimmer. The pool is split into ‘Slow’, ‘Medium’ & ‘Fast’ lanes and swimmers must swim continuous lengths. Up to 3 swimmers in one lane can swim abreast of each other, however when a 4th joins clockwise swimming must resume. If any swimmer wishes to take a break at the end wall they must stay clear of other swimmers. Switching lanes is possible if numbers allow and lifeguards are content, but swimmers should try to pick the lane that most closely resembles their swimming ability.
These sessions can be booked on the app, however it is also possible to turn up and swim for these.

Kiddies Pool

The Kiddies pool is for children in P1 and below and children must always be accompanied by an adult when using the pool. The pool is adjacent to the main pool so switching between the two during your swim session is possible. The kiddies pool is not bookable on the app and similarly to the open swim, runs on a turn-up and swim basis. The pool features a Nessie slide and is a depth of 0.4m.

Parent & Baby/Toddler

These sessions take place in the Boom Area with the floor raised to provide a shallower depth. The area is separate from the rest of the pool and child friendly toys are provided. Spaces can be booked on the app, however you can also just turn up for these. Family changing cubicles are available, as well as baby changing units, floor mats and a couple of baby pen areas.

Showers & Changing

The changing village is situated immediately before the pool and features individual changing cubicles (not gender specific) as well as family changing cubicles. There are baby changing tables available around the changing village, as well as a private disabled changing area and male and female toilets.  Lockers are available in the changing area and operate on a refundable 20p. Poolside showers are located just beyond the changing village before you enter the pool.

Spa (Health Suite)

The Spa at ISL features a Jacuzzi Pool, Steam Room & Spa. A cold shower is available in the Health Suite and the hot poolside showers are available just outside the door, by poolside. The same changing area for the pool is used and there is also a water fountain in the Spa area.