ISL Prices

Swimming Pool

ISL Swimming Pool Price List
Activity Price
Adult Swim £4.60
Junior/Concession Swim £2.40
Junior Fun Session £3.00
Adult Fun Session £4.60
Lionel/Shawbost Adult Swim £3.20
Lionel/Shawbost Concession/Junior Swim £1.60
Boom Area Hire £25.00
ISL Pool Hire Zone B £50.00
Lane Hire hour £8.50
Adult Swimming Lessons £68.00
Junior Swimming Lessons £34.00


ISL Spa Price List
Activity Price
Spa (Swim included) £6.50
Spa Concession (Swim included) £3.30


ISL Shower Price list
Activity Price
Shower £1.30
Shower (including towel) £1.70

Fitness Centre

ISL Fitness Centre Price List
Activity Price
Gym Induction £22.00
Gym Induction Concession £11.00
Gym £5.70
Gym Concession £2.80
Gym/Swim/Spa £8.20
Gym/Swim/Spa Concession £4.10


ISL Classes Price List
Activity Price
Classes Adults £5.90
Classes Concession £2.90

Dance Studio

ISL Dance Studio Price List
Activity Price
Dance Studio Adult £4.60
Junior/Concession £2.40
Adult Group Hire Dance Studio £23.00
Junior Group Hire Dance Studio £11.50

Climbing Wall

Climbing Wall Price List
Activity Price
Climbing Wall Induction Adult £11.50
Climbing Wall Induction Junior/Concession £5.75
Climbing Wall Adult £5.90
Climbing Wall Junior/Concession £2.90
Group Instruction 1hr £44.00
Group Instruction 1/2hr £22.00

Games Hall

ISL Games Hall Price List
Activity Price
Games Hall Activity - Adult (Badminton/Netball/Basketball/Unihoc etc) £4.60
Games Hall Junior/Concession £2.40
Whole Hall Hire Adults £88.00
Whole Hall ire Junior/Concession £44.00
Half Hall Hire Adults £44.00
Half Hall Hire Junior/Concession £22.00


ISL Squash Courts Price List
Activity Price
Adult £4.60
Junior £2.40

All Weather Pitch

ISL All Weather Pitch Price List
Activity Price
AWP Match Rate £48.00
Full AWP - 1 Hour (Adult) £68.00
Full AWP - 1 Hour (Concession/Junior) £34.00
Half AWP - 1 Hour (Adult) £34.00
Half AWP - 1 Hour (Concession/Junior) £17.00

Grass Pitch

Grass Pitch Price List
Activity Price
Match (Adult) £48.00
Match (Junior) £24.00
Half pitch - 1 hour (Adult) £24.00
Half pitch - 1 hour (Junior) £12.00

Running Track

ISL Running Track Price List
Activity Price
Running Track Adults £4.60
Running Track Junior/Concession £2.40
Running Track Hire Adults £46.00
Running Track Hire Junior/Concession £23.00

Soft Play

Currently Closed

Slàinte Mhath Membership Scheme

This covers unlimited access to facilities during public sessions and can be used at all Comhairle sports facilities across the Outer Hebrides. It is payable by direct debit. Please ask for further information and an application form or submit an online application form.

Slainte Mhath Membership Scheme
Activity Price
Family Membership £25 per month
Individual Membership £18.75 per month
Family Concession Membership £18.75 per month
Individual Concession Membership £15.00 per month

ISL Information

Concession rates entitle users to half price use of our facilities.  Please contact Reception for eligibility criteria.

Public Swimming

Children under the age of 8 MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Public Fun Session

Children under the age of 8 MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Fitness Centre

Age limit 16+; an induction is required before you can use the facility.  Please contact Reception for more information.


Age limit 16+