Membership Scheme (Slainte Mhath!)

Slàinte Mhath membership has currently been suspended due to COVID-19 please see below for details on the Fàilte Air Ais’ (Welcome Back) Membership that we are currently offering

‘Fàilte Air Ais’ (Welcome Back) Membership

The ‘Fàilte Air Ais’ (Welcome Back) membership offer will cover areas of our facilities that are currently open such as  gyms and pools and will make regular use of these much more affordable.  Individual membership costs only £10 per month and Family Membership will be only £15 per month.

To take advantage of this offer email with your membership number if you have it or your name address and date of birth if not, specifing whether it is an Individual or Family membership you wish to start.

If you do not have a Slàinte Mhath Membership then please complete a ‘Fàilte Air Ais’ (Welcome Back) Temporary Membership (Opens in a new window or downloads a file).

Our temporary membership scheme is only available for Western Isles residents. We may ask you to provide proof of address to satisfy this condition. Short term visitors to the islands and holiday makers are invited to use the facilities on a pay as you go basis. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.