Comhairle Welcomes Offshore Wind Announcement

Crown Estate Scotland today announced the results of the ScotWind Offshore Wind Leasing Round which awards Option Agreements to Offshore Wind developers for seventeen identified deployment zones around Scotland. 

Three of these deployment zones – N2, N3 and N4 – are located around the Outer Hebrides and Option Agreements have been awarded in all three Hebridean areas.  Canadian developer, Northland Power, have been awarded Option Agreements for areas N2 (north east of the Butt of Lewis) and N4 (west of Lewis) while the Norwegian consortium, Magnora Offshore (partnering with Technip FMC), have been awarded an Option Agreement for area N3, north west of the Butt of Lewis.  Between them, the two developers hold the potential to generate over 2.8GW of renewable energy to support the UK’s drive towards Net Zero.

Commenting on the lease awards, Cllr Roddie Mackay, Leader of the Local Authority, Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, said, “We are very pleased that Northland Power and Magnora Offshore have been awarded Offshore Wind leases in Hebridean waters.  Both developers have a strong set of values which prioritise benefit for the communities hosting their deployments and, in our meetings with them, we have been impressed by the determination of both Northland and Magnora to deliver lasting benefit to our island community in terms of supporting new energy solutions, creating new jobs in the supply chain, building wealth in our communities and helping to retain population through Low Carbon skills development and re-skilling.  There is an historic affinity between the people of the Outer Hebrides and those of Norway and Canada and today’s announcement marks the start of a strengthened relationship which, we believe, will bring real and enduring benefit to island businesses and communities; introducing investment at a scale that will support our drive towards Net Zero through Green Hydrogen production and locally sourced electricity.  This award is very good news for the islands and we look forward to working closely with both developers as these projects roll out”.