Scottish Youth Parliament 77th Sitting

The 77th Sitting of the Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) met at the beginning of July in North Lanarkshire. Alannah Logue MSYP and Samantha Jordan MSYP met with over 120 other Members of Scottish Youth Parliament. This was the first face to face sitting of the Scottish Youth Parliament since the pandemic began.

Alannah sits on the Culture and Media Committee, while Samantha sits on the Equalities and Human Rights Committee.  “Attending my first Sitting has been a fantastic experience - I feel inspired and glad that we are able to meet up with other MSYPs in person” commented Alannah during the Sitting. Members also took part in Debate training and the Highlands and Islands regional meeting. Good links were made with other MSYPs including those from Orkney and Shetland. A number of Members’ Motions were passed and these can be found on the SYP website (Opens in a new window or downloads a file).  The SYP campaign for the next few months was agreed as the “Right to Food”.  Sam was announced as a Member of the Creative Communications Team (CCT) at the Sitting and commented: “I applied for the ‘CCT’ and I was delighted to be selected and I hope to be able to help SYP improve their engagement with young people across Scotland.”

Alannah and Samantha are keen to meet with young people from across the Western Isles and will be running events in coming months. They would be delighted to visit schools or youth groups and can be contacted by emailing:

Samantha Jordan MSYP

Alannah Logue MSYP