Western Isles Woodland Strategy

pine cone and needles

The aim of the Western Isles Woodland Strategy is to move towards achieving the Western Isles vision encouraging the use of trees, shrubs and woodlands to enhance the environment and maximise a range of sustainable benefits to the Western Isles community.

The Western Isles Woodland Strategy (WIWS) was formally launched in January 2004 coinciding with the Deputy Minister for the Environment announcement of a locational forestry premium scheme for the Western Isles.

In support of the Western Isles Woodland Strategy, Forestry Commission Scotland is offering additional funding through a Locational Premium to encourage the planting of new woodlands and management of existing woodlands in the Western Isles. This document explains how to apply for this funding.


The locational premium (LP) was a subsidiary grant payable in addition to the standard grants available under the Scottish Forestry Grants Scheme (SFGS). LP was only available in areas of Scotland where the Scottish Government considers woodland establishment, regeneration, enhancement or management as a priority. Further areas in the north of Scotland that have been awarded LP include Orkney, Shetland and Grampian.

The Locational Premium Scheme ran from 2004 to 2007 and has resulted in a total of approximately ? hectares of new woodlnd planting throughout the islands.

The LPS is no longer available.