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How we deal with your Comments and Representations

Scheme of Delegation

Criteria for making a valid representation

Comments or representations submitted in response to a planning application form part of the planning file and are available for public inspection at the relevant Comhairle Office. Following removal of personal data (signatures, e-mail addresses and personal telephone numbers) comments or representations are sent to the applicant for comment and can also be made available to the public on request. In assessing a planning application the Comhairle can only consider comments made on valid planning grounds.  These are called material considerations and some examples are listed below (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Contrary to the local plan/structure plan
  • Residential amenity (noise, overshadowing etc.)
  • Appearance (design, materials etc)
  • Drainage/infrastructure problems
  • Traffic, parking or access problems
  • Impact on natural or built environment

The terms of your representations or comments are summarised and included in any Committee Report or Report on Handling which will be published on-line.