Standing Sub-Groups of Child Protection Committee

The Outer Hebrides Child Protection Committee conducts a significant portion of its business through active Sub-Groups. These can be either standing groups or short life working groups created for a specific task.

Standing Groups

  • Professional Learning and Communication

    Chair: Gordon McKay, Coordinator and Development Officer
  • Audit and Self Evaluation

    Chair: Gordon McKay, Coordinator and Development Officer
  • Child Sexual Exploitation

    Chair: Ian Graham, Police Scotland Chief Inspector

These groups undertake the work of the Committee, meeting within the Committee's bi-monthly cycle. The groups report to the Committee on a regular basis to ensure that necessary work is progressed.

Representation for each Sub Group is on a multi-agency basis. Some attendees may be existing Committee members whilst others are welcomed to attend to offer their expertise or experience in a relevant domain.

If you would like further information about the activities of any of the above groups please contact the Child Protection Co-ordinator and Development Officer on 01851 822737.