Outer Hebrides Early Intervention Partnership (OHEIP)

OHEIP Terms of Reference


Outer Hebrides Early Intervention Partnership (OHEIP)

Partnership Aim

  • The aim of the OHEI Partnership Group is to support an early intervention and inter-agency partnership to achieve improved outcomes for children, young people and their families. Through this partnership, additional resources can be accessed and alternative approaches can be utilised to ensure the needs of vulnerable children and young people are met.

Partnership Objectives

  • Early intervention – the focus of the work of this group will be from pre-conception through pregnancy, birth and up to age 12. This extends the focus of the Scottish Government’s Early Years Framework to include all primary age children.
  • Partnership - this partnership is comprised of representatives from CnES Education and Children’s Services, Harmeny Educational Trust, Action for Children Eilean Siar, Western Isles Foyer and NHS Western Isles.
  • Additional resources - the partnership group is able to share and contribute their collective skills and experience to support creative solutions to help meet the identified needs of children, young people and their families. By utilising an inter-agency approach to addressing assessed needs, the group is able to extend and strengthen existing resource provision. The group is also able to utilise the Harmeny Educational Trust link worker to support children, young people and families.
  • Alternative approaches - the OHEI partnership group are committed to being person-centred, strength-based and solution-focused in their approach to helping children, young people and their families achieve their identified goals. In-line with SSSC values, the group are committed to working collaboratively to find alternative solutions and approaches to support positive outcomes and address the needs of children, young people and their families (as specified in referrals received by the group).

Partnership Values

The OHEI partnership group has adopted the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) Values relating to:

  • Integrity- Behaving in a professional, confidential, supportive and inclusive way. Respecting and listening to others views and being willing to reflect on own practice and behaviour and being open to changing practice and behaviour.
  • Accountability – Taking ownership and responsibility for your own work and actions and for the impact of your actions, decisions and behaviour. Own up to mistakes made and be willing to resolve them.
  • Commitment – Aiming to do your best, work alongside others and be willing to support colleagues. Accept feedback to improve practice and ensure you commit to doing what you say you are going to do.
  • Creativity and Learning-Being willing to learn from each other and share experiences. Remaining open to change, new ideas and ways of working. Be willing to think outside the box and think of ways to improve what we do and how we communicate with each other.
  • Listening and Engaging - Treating others with respect, courtesy and make time to listen to others. Listen to service-users and colleagues’ experiences and stories and value their perspectives. Aim to see the bigger picture and be open to other people’s views/opinions. Work together to achieve goals.
  • Pride in what we do - Aiming to keep service-users at heart of what we do, recognising and acknowledging good practice. Be willing to take initiative and strive to produce quality and accurate work and aim to exceed expectations.

(Please visit SSSC Values (Opens in a new window or downloads a file) for further detail)


The partnership will consist of representatives from CNES, Harmeny Educational Trust, Action for Children Eilean Siar, Western Isles Foyer and NHS Western Isles. CNES will be represented by staff members from ELR, Early Years and the Children and Families team plus Senior Education Officers.


Meetings will be scheduled on the last Thursday of every month 11am to 2pm.


There will be a rotating chair and minute taker


OHEI information and updates will be displayed on all partner websites


A formal partnership progress report will be prepared once a year (first report will be prepared at the end of March 2019)

Referral Process

The current CnES Multi-agency referral form will be used for all OHEI partnership referrals and any relevant background information should be submitted in conjunction with the referral e.g. Child’s Plan or Co-ordinated Support Plan (CSP). Partners will ensure that all appropriate permissions to share data have been sought and documented.

Other Providers 

Providers from outwith the Partnership will continue to be invited to speak to the group in order to increase the knowledge base of group