Blue Badge Scheme FAQs

Why do I need to be assessed when I have had a Blue Badge previously?

The criteria for issuing Blue Badges is subject to change; some people that qualified previously may no longer qualify depending on change to the Blue Badge Scheme, and some who previously did not qualify may subsequently do so.

When people have completed an application online they may be asked to meet with a mobility assessor, face to face, because the online application does not always give sufficient information to make a judgement.

Some people qualify for a Blue Badge when they are awaiting surgery or have just had surgery but after a period of rehabilitation their ability to walk may improve and they may no longer qualify.

Why isn’t my GP assessing me?

Although your GP has detailed knowledge of your medical condition, an independent mobility assessor is trained to look at the persons functional capacity and what they can or cannot do, how their gait is affected, etc. rather than a medical diagnosis.

What will happen at my assessment?

The independent mobility assessor may contact you to gather some additional information over the telephone.

If they need to meet with you face to face, they will walk with you from reception down to an interview room so that they can assess your speed, gait and balance.

They will measure oxygen stats to ascertain issues regarding shortness of breath while walking, following walking or at rest. You will have the opportunity to explain any other issues around walking that you think should be considered.